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The submersible sludge GFHU pumps are special pumps used especially for pumping of waste water, raw sludge, fecal solids with content of non-abrasive, solid and small particles and fibrous substances such as paper, rag pulp, food residuals or even small portion of sand, ashes, grit and other substances coming into sewage conduits. These pumps are used especially in sewerage systems, sewage disposal plants, industrial appliances, various collecting pits etc.

Technical description

The submersible sludge GFHU pumps are in single-staged centrifugal volute modification with closed single impeller which provides high flow rate. The pump is coupled with an electric motor in one compact and portable unit. There is a sump between the electric motor and the hydraulic part with oil charge. The sump is sealed by means of a special double stuffing box.


The material is projected according to pumped medium, optimal weight and operating life of the whole set. The stator body is made of aluminium-silicon alloy. The shaft and connecting bolts in contact with pumped liquids are made of stainless steel. The impeller is made of abrasion resistant steel with partial resistance against corrosion. The volute casing and the stand with the suction elbow are made of grey cast iron.

Stuffing box

Against water penetration from the hydraulic part the electric motor is protected by means of special shaft sealing consisting of a special double mechanical stuffing box and packing rings. This stuffing box is provided with permanent oil charge from the sump.

Technical parameters

Max. temperature of delivered liquid: 40°C
Flow rate: Q = 20-85 l/sec
Delivery head: H = 5-27 m